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Fox Enterprises | Concrete Construction in Central KY

Welcome to Fox Enterprises

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in concrete curbs, barriers, and infrastructure construction. Fox Enterprises has the knowledge and experience to get your job done, large or small. We also operate in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio, and accept commercial and federal contracts.
We are committed to timely and safe job practices utilizing multiple crews of over 20 workers and over 5 types of machinery to complete the contracts Our goal is to quickly and efficiently complete the work you need done and provide you with quality.

Why Fox Enterprises?

The PowerCurber has revolutionized the construction industry by redefining productivity. Thanks to simple yet powerful engineering, the power curber is able to do almost any job in a fraction of the time required by similar machines.  We operate using both Power Curber and Writgen made machines. Fox Enterprises is also leading in technology with some of the only GPS ran and operated curb machines in the United States. Giving us the power to perform projects without the use of string line.